Pricing Executive Search is a leading executive and professional search firm specialized in Pricing, Finance and Marketing roles for all industries and consulting globally. Established as the first search company focused exclusively on Pricing roles, the company keeps building a strong reputation including Marketing and Finance roles.



We do not want to be the biggest, but we strive to be the best in matching the best fit for clients and talents: this is the center of what we do and what we care about.

Connecting the right people with the right jobs enables talents unleashing their full potentials and clients to enhance profitable growth by gaining a unique competitive advantage.

We work hard at this, with passion, enthusiasm and professionalism.

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We are not a resume’ mill, nor we fit with all prospects: we are a retained headhunting firm working on exclusivity basis only.

As consultative of clients and candidates, we approach non-active (passive & hidden) candidates, qualify, present them and oversee the selection and onboarding process to ensure a long-term placement. 

Our extensive database, active presence in professional association and industry networks allow us reaching any talent, fast.



We are professionals with more than 10 years experience in corporate environment developed in several industries.

Our familiarity with professional associations and industry groups help us understanding the demand of our Clients and their decision makers.

Talking your language, knowing  your challenges and understanding your unique needs enable us deploying the right searching strategy to identify the best fit.


We understand it is not enough to be partners with out clients, we also need to be an extension of our candidates, helping them bridging to the right career path and opportunity. We guarantee both our Clients and Candidates professionalism, transparency and discretion at the highest standard.

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We assign to each search a dedicated team of 3 people including a Project Management Lead responsible for the end-to-end process, a Project Management Coordinator, and a Senior Recruitment Consultant: this allow to complete each search fast and ensure sourcing the best talents.


Our searches follow a tailored or standardized 9-levels’ process and keep weekly meetings and reports with our clients to ensure our work is transparent and measurable. We aim to complete projects within 90 days although our average completion time has been 45 days so far.


We plan to grow organically to ensure customized, high level solutions. In the previous year we close 24% of our searches for Executive roles and 76% for Professional ones. Our success rate has been so far 99% thanks to our proven approach, attention to details and full commitment to deliver.


Sourcing the best available talents resembling the best fit fast delivers our clients outstanding value by increasing the quality of their teams, reducing time to hire and offsetting any additional replacement costs. From intake, to search plan design, candidate sourcing, proofing experience, interviewing and checking references, every step of our process is tailored to each clients' needs. Our proven process ensures only a few of the most qualified candidates, suited for the company’s culture and department strategy are presented for final interview process.

We offer 3 service plans:


This service is designed for those clients looking for a pool of qualified candidates resembling the best fit to access the final internal interviewing process, often one phone interview and one or two in-person interviews.

Beyond the intake with clients pivotal to fully understand the company, department, role and personality traits of the sought candidate, the LITE plan includes a screening report to assess and qualify candidates and ensure the best match with requirements and client and vice-versa..


Clients who decide to outsource all pre-interviews and meeting only final candidates for an in- person interview usually chose this option who also allow them to keep focusing on daily business and annual target achievement.

As an add-on for the LITE service, this plan offers an additional in-dept interview to understand additional areas critical to evaluate candidate past experience and indicative for future performance.

Like the LITE plan, where talents are presented to clients together a CV complemented by a screening report and references, this plan includes a more extensive screening report and submission on finalist only.


If the previous plans are designed to meet clients needs in the area of professionals hiring such as analysts, consultants, specialist and managers, we also offer a plan for more senior hiring.

This plan is designed for Executive recruitment at Director, VP, C++ level.

The EXECUTIVE service plan can be chosen as an add-in option to the LITE, or the PROFESSIONAL plan and is designed to to assess candidates’ personality traits through an online scientific assessment and includes a final report  submitted to clients.


“Pricing Executive Search has proven themselves as a strong player in the field of pricing recruitment. Both the thorough list of potential candidates and detailed knowledge of the individual target made the selection process very fast and accurate.
We ended up hiring a candidate which initially was not the obvious match on paper, but by understanding our company culture, targets and needs, Pricing Executive Search challenged our beliefs and made us take the right decision”.

Michael Krall Poulsen - Partner & Head of Commercial Excellence - IMPLEMENT CONSULTING

"Pricing Executive Search has been a great partner to build-up our newly Strategic Pricing Department. They display a unique blend of thorough understanding of the strategic pricing practice, professional approach to recruitment and outstanding interaction skills both with candidates and hiring managers.
Their capability to understand organizational requirements and agility to act upon it, leads to a very time efficient and effective process for recruitment."

Divyangana Choudhary - Strategic Pricing Director - CARGILL

“Pricing Executive Search has been a strong partner supporting us in adding key talent to our organization. Their strong knowledge of the pricing market area, clear understanding of business dynamics, professionalism, structured approach, and accurate insight of candidates gives us the perfect guidance to find the best candidate”.

Ana Ramos - Head of Pricing - BOSTON SCIENTIFIC

“We are very impressed by the professional way searches are prepared, the speed of execution and the high quality of candidates presented to us who have turned out to be a very good fit. The understanding of requirements is really impressive, as well as the search speed and reaction to changing requirements”.

Steffen Fitting - Head of Pricing - GOODYEAR DUNLOP






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