We are the first "founded by Pricers for Pricers" Search Consulting firm specializing in matching Pricing Executive and Professional Talents with Pricing Opportunities in most industries.
We do not want to be the biggest, but we strive to be the best. We work hard at this, with passion, enthusiasm and professionality.



Clients, Candidates, Consultants. This is the center of what we do and what we care about. We help connecting the right people in the right positions, enabling Candidates and Clients unleashing their full potentials and ensure a profitable and personal development. We select our partnerships carefully to ensure long-term, prosperous relationship to ensure today’s Candidates are tomorrow Clients and vice-versa.

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We are not a resume’ mill, nor we fit with all prospects. We are consultants acting on behalf of our Clients to find the best match. We approach non-active (passive & hidden) candidates, qualify, present them and oversee the selection and on-boarding process to ensure the right fit. With a database of more than 4.000 pricing talents, extensive professional and industry network we can source the best match.



We are pricing professionals with more than 10 years experience in corporate environment developed in several industries. Our familiarity with professional pricing associations and industry groups help us understanding the demand of our Clients and their decision makers. Talking your pricing language, knowing  your pricing challenges and and demands enable us deploying the right searching strategy to identify the best fit.


We believe that sourcing our clients the best available talent resembling the best fit in a faster way provides outstanding value in the short, medium and long term by increasing the quality of their organizations and reducing costs. We work on an exclusivity basis only, either outsourcing clients' hiring process or in dual relationship with clients' internal capabilities.


Every step of Pricing Executive Search process is tailored to the individual client. From our initial briefing, to creating a search plan, sourcing candidates, proofing experience, interviewing and checking references. Our 9-Levels process ensures only the most qualified candidates, suited  for the company’s culture and strategy, are presented for final interview at clients’ premises.


In Retained Searches we work together your internal capabilities to reduce the amount of workload and increase the speed of the process by presenting only talents that resemble your best fit. For this search our fee is variable due in two installments, a fix amount before the start of the project and the remaining when our candidate is selected.


In Outsourced  Searches we are take over of  the hiring process completely, end-to-end by replacing completely your internal capabilities and leaving more time to focus on your job. For this search our fee is fixed and agreed upfront with the client due in three consecutive monthly installments parallel to the 90-day search process.


We understand it is not enough to be partners with out clients, we also need to be an extension of our candidates, helping them bridging to the right career path and opportunity.


To each search is assigned a dedicated team of 3 people, a Senior Project Leader responsible for the end-to-end process, a Coordinator, and a Recruiter Consultant with client’s industry background. We guarantee our Clients and Candidates professionalism, transparency and discretion at the highest standard.


Our searches follow a tailored or standardized 9-levels’ process. We keep regular weekly reports to ensure our work is transparent and measurable. We aim to complete projects within 90 days although our average completion time has been 8-9 weeks so far.


We plan to grow organically to ensure customized, high level solutions. In 2015 year we close 38% of our searches for Executive roles and 62% for Professional ones. Our success rate has been 100% thanks to our approach, attention to details and full commitment to deliver.

Burgstrasse 5 Pöring (Munich) 85604 Germany


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